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SwimNE provides fun, structured and challenging swimming lessons for school-aged children and adults across the North East of England. Award-winning swimming lessons for children aged 4 years +

Using the Stage descriptor below, match this to your child's ability and select the class that works for you!
Please call or email if you have any questions.

View our stage criteria below for stages 1 to 8 and Pre Comp:

- Stage 1
For those swimmers who have not had previous lessons and or are not yet moving in the pool independently on front and back.

- Stage 2
Swimmers who are confident in the water and can cover short distance with floats.

- Stage 3
Swimmers who can cover 5+ metres in the pool without aids on front and back with a flat body position.

- Stage 4
Those comfortably completing 10m front and back with overarm recovery.

- Stage 5
Swimmers who can complete correctly all 4 leg kicks and have an understanding of the arm movements related to each stroke.

- Stage 6
Swimmers who can comfortably complete 25m front and back and know how to time their arm actions into the strokes.

- Stage 7
Swimmers who can comfortably complete 50m front and back and know how to time their arm actions into the strokes

- Stage 8
Those comfortably swimming greater distances of all 4 strokes with good technique, and can swim 200m in one go

- Pre-competitive swimming (Stages 9 and 10)

The final two stages (9 and 10) make up our pre-competitive swimming stage, which we regard as the necessary preparation for the swimmers to move on to competitive swimming.
Sessions last for one hour.

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