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Fun Little Foodies Northumberland South 4 years to 9 years

8 spaces remaining Autumn 1 Sept/Oct 2020
Friday After school Ace Playce class with Becky Porter
At Ace Playce

About this class

Foodie Fun For Little Chefs

At Fun Little Foodies, our main goal is to get kids involved and interested in food and cooking. We focus on having fun, getting stuck in, tasting new food and flavours and exploring where our food comes from. Our recipes are nutritious and show the importance and simplicity of using fresh ingredients wherever possible.

Children are encouraged to be as independent as possible and our classes will help develop their social, motor, Literacy and Numeracy skills as well as learning to cook and having lots of fun along the way!

This hour long class will give your child the opportunity to make a sweet or savoury dish from scratch, smelling and tasting ingredients along the way.
During cooking time you will be able to enjoy the soft play at an additonal cost, or stay in our cosy room for some crafty fun.
We will then come back together to taste their delicious creations.
All ingredients, equipment, recipe card and a container to take food home in is included in the price.