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Fun Little Foodies Monkseaton 3 years to 11 years

1 space remaining Summer 2020
Summer Holiday Family Cooking with Emily Swan
At Fun Little Foodies Cooking Centre

About this class

Foodie Fun For Little Chefs

At Fun Little Foodies, our main goal is to get kids involved and interested in food and cooking. We focus on having fun, getting stuck in, tasting new food and flavours and exploring where our food comes from. Our recipes are nutritious and show the importance and simplicity of using fresh ingredients wherever possible.

Children are encouraged to be as independent as possible and our classes will help develop their social, motor, Literacy and Numeracy skills as well as learning to cook and having lots of fun along the way!

Family Cooking
For this session, a single household can book a table, with one adult accompanying a maximum of 3 children.  We cannot allow additional adults to attend or younger siblings in pushchairs/prams/baby carriers.  The room will be set up to allow each household to attend with social distancing measures in place. All sessions will have a maximum of 8 children and 4 adults attending plus the class leader.  Due to the need to understand and follow social distancing, we have decided to only take bookings for children aged 3 and older initially.  The household groups MUST socially distance from each other and will be expected to stay within their cooking space for the session.  For this reason, please only book younger children on if you are sure they will be able to manage this - you know your children best!
Each household must book their own table so that we can ensure we have contact details of every customer. These sessions will work as follows:

Session availability will be advertised on our social media pages, website and on Doddle.
Customers will contact us directly to book through facebook messenger or email.  Bookings will still be made through Doddle but there will be no option to self-book.  This is so we can carefully monitor who is booking on and ensure they have all the relevant information sent to them.
The cost of the session is £10 per child for a 90 minute session. 
There will be a 15 minute arrival time and staggered departure for each session to ensure social distancing can be kept in place and each household must remain at least 1m away from each at all times.  Our toilet will be available, but please encourage the children to go before they arrive!
As always at our sessions, children and adults will wash their hands upon arrival and handwashing facilities will be accessible throughout the session.  Any shared areas i.e. handwashing and toilet will be cleaned regularly throughout the session and all equipment will be cleaned thoroughly between uses on a hot dishwasher cycle. 
Upon arrival each household will have a plastic box in which to store bags/coats/phones etc although customers should bring as little as possible to the session. We will be provide containers to take baked items home so please don't bring any containers.
Each household will have their own equipment, ingredients and recipe card on their table. They can follow the instructions led by the class leader or they can cook at their own pace. 
As always, the class leader will give advice and instructions but we will maintain social distancing at all times.  In the event of a first aid or emergency situation, appropriate PPE will be worn by the class leader.  We will be following strict handwashing and hygiene procedures and PPE at times if appropriate.
Once the cooking activity has finished, the children can put their items on the trolley and it will be taken to the kitchen.  While the food is cooking, the children will have their own craft supplies to make the craft activity for the session.  This will, as usual be linked to the recipe.  There will then be a story by the class leader to finish the session (if time allows and it is age appropriate for the group).
The children will then come and get their cooked items from the trolley and they can sample their creations!  Of course there will be time for thumbs up/thumbs down!!
Unfortunately, due to regulations, there will be no group singing and we will not have toys or books accessible for the children.
We will however, have lots of Foodie fun, lot of laughs and we hope it will still be the welcoming, fun and safe environment you are all used to!