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Kalma Baby - Sunderland Teens 13-18 years 13 years to 18 years

June -July Pre recorded
Pre Recorded Teens KalmaMinds classes with Jessica Jolly
At Virtual/Remote studio

About this class

A range of yoga and mindfulness classes for babies, children and mothers Nationwide.

Kalma Baby offers the very best baby yoga, toddler yoga, junior yoga and baby developmental massage classes. Our sessions ‘make development fun with unique benefits for young bodies and minds’. A beautiful world of therapies await your child which are most of all devoted to aiding their development.

Three weeks of pre-recorded Junior yoga sessions that are 30 minutes in length and are avaialble to you via a facebook room for the entire week, monday to monday, before a new session replaces it for the next week, and again for week 3!

You will recieve an invitation to the class 'room' 48 hours before the first session is released - you can then enjoy it whenever you are ready to during the week after the 8am released time each Monday.

This option has been made available to encourage babys development and ongoing wellness at home, and to fit in with everyones busy lifestyles at this difficult time.

KalmaMinds yoga and mindfulness for Teens

During a typical Teens Kalma Minds yoga session teens can enjoy a variety of safe postures, and to look after their bodies in a fun and innovative manner.

In a typical session of 30 minutes we bring together a series of stretches, back arches, twists, balances, breathing and relaxation. All of which help strengthen and support teens, physically and mentally.

They build-up confidence and concentration and also help them to sleep better. Our children and young adults today are now starting face just as many emotional, mental, spiritual and physical challenges in their lives as an adult would. They face pressures in school such as homework, pressure to compete with others (sport and academically) endless activities after school, over scheduling and poor nutrition. All of which are contributing factors towards stress in their lives. Learning yoga can help develop better body awareness, self-control, flexibility and coordination. The skills in which they inherit from yoga can also be applied in to their daily routines and school work. Kids yoga classes are led without parents present (can be discussed in circumstances).

Mindfulness can often help create a calm within a storm and help teens focus without distraction. They can gain simple, practical tools to work directly with their nervous systems, helping them regulate emotional states and focus attention. In our Kalma minds sessions mindfulness learning will start by learning focusing skills and being mindful of our body’s. When we learn to focus on just one thing, like sound or our own breath, our mind calms down and grows stronger.
This helps to improve attention. When our concentration skills are refined, this can in turn, translate to improved performance. Something which Kalma mindfulness sessions support is teens academically.  A series of mindfulness sessions is worked upon with children such as mindful listening, breathing and movement.  All of this is to help improve attention help teens to focus on the task in hand and pay attention. Kalma Minds introduces wellness as mental health and ways to acknoledge and accept our own mental health and work towards achieving and maintaining wellness.

Booking conditions are as follows for our franchise branch virtual classes:

1. Booking is non refundable
2. In the event of a customer missing a streamed session you may join another streamed session sure to sickness etc
3. Sessions are non exchangeable for cash
4. Sessions may not be recorded nor will access be given to watch after the event has taken place
5. In the event of streaming disruption from our franchise branch an alternative class will be offered should none suit a refund will be given.
6. Sessions cancelled by a franchise branch will be offered as a catch up session due to sickness
7. Places are booked by doddle our booking faculty and links to book will be emailed out at the time of booking. Should not receive these you can also gone them in your family portal. Or you can get in touch.
8. All terms and conditions where applicable are available on our website with our privacy policy.
9. A KB teacher cannot be held responsible for chaperoning minors, nor guarding a house and household effects while Teaching. Please ensure that a responsible adult is in the room at all times

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