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Kalma Baby - Durham 2 - 4 Years

September - October 2019
Friday 2 - 4 Years with Vicki Moore
At Kalma Baby Durham Studio

About this class

A range of yoga and mindfulness classes for babies, children and mothers Nationwide.

Kalma Baby offers the very best baby yoga, toddler yoga, junior yoga and baby developmental massage classes. Our sessions ‘make development fun with unique benefits for young bodies and minds’. A beautiful world of therapies await your child which are most of all devoted to aiding their development.

Our Toddler yoga classes are a mixture of yoga, dance and gymnastic elements. All are inspired stretches and moves to song and music. Still the use of props are used in toddler yoga but focusing in detail on balance, coordination and motor skills. Toddler yoga classes are structured so all elements are covered in 45 minutes but we focus on an area of development each week. Parents are encouraged to get involved and help support their toddlers in toddler yoga sessions. Cool down and relaxation are both a favourite still! Toddler yoga has so many benefits such as flexibility, coordination and body awareness.

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Some clubs offer the option to join a waiting list, you can enquire by contacting Kalma Baby - Durham on 07540887637 or [email protected] to find out more.